Nur Ben Shalom

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    Berlin, Germany

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    The Israeli Clarinetist Nur Ben Shalom started to learn the clarinet in the age of 10 years, Studied with Eva Wasserman and Prof. Izhak Katap. Nur won stipendiums of the “European Jeunesses Musicales” and the „American Israel Cultural Foundation“ and performed as a Soloist with different orchestras as the Jerusalem Chamber orchestra, the Ra’anana Symphony orchestra, rishon-le’zion Symphony, the “Echo Ensemble” for neue Musik Hanns Eisler and was member of the Jewish-Arab Orchestra and the Young Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

    He continued his studies in Germany at the Hochschule Für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin with Prof. Diethelm Kühn. Nur performed at international music festivals and orchestras such as the German Opera House, the Richard Wagner Music Festival in Bayreuth, the Podium music Festival, ID festival Berlin, Bonn Beethoven festival and in Luzern Festival.

    Nur is giving Chamber music performances in different venous as such as the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Berliner Philharmonie, the Musikverein Wien and participated in several Chamber music concerts with different Artists as Isabel von Karajan, Zvi Plesser, Ivry Gitlis, Guy Braunstein and the Clarinetist Karl Leister.

    Nur is involved in some interdisciplinary Projects as such as Modern Ballet project in Ballhaus Berlin. Showing the perspective of a German-Iranian-Israeli Ensemble using music and dance.

    As well performed a special piece that was composed for him by Giovanni Verga in early 2017 and performed for the first time in France, an exploration of the Basset Clarinet of the time of Mozart and his interaction with the electronic instrumentation of today’s modern world.

    Nur is busy in addition to the well-known repertoire, with pieces of forgotten and unknown Jewish composers from the Second World War time, aiming to bring them back to the culture discuss of today.

    Nur created and played in a special Project for oriental and classical instrument that musically “wanders” between European Classical Sounds and Middle Eastern cultures, reflecting the commonalities and the different between them. In Addition, Nur was invited to Hollywood to participate in film recordings, working under the composer John Williams.

    In 2016 together with his three Musicians friends Nur created The Nimrod Ensemble Berlin. The Berliner Philharmonic principal violinist Christophe Horak, the Solo Violist Francesca Zappa and the prize winning Piano Soloist Yannick Van de Velde.

    The Nimrod Ensemble provides intense but intimate experiences in different places and venues whom for all – Music is the agreeable basis and driving force.


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