Ohad Milstein

    Ohad Milstein is an Israeli artist and filmmaker. His Films and artistic works have been exhibited in worldwide venues.

    Ohad’s works show cinematic & artistic components within the narrative and the constructive-formalistic aspects, presenting the viewer an intellectual challenge as well as an emotional adventure.

    Milstein is a film school graduate from the Tel Aviv University and has an M.F.A. in Photography and Art from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

    In 2008 he completed his first feature-length documentary “Obsession” which examines how obsession is created and how it is motivated by an endless aspiration of the person to achieve salvation. “Obsession” was premiered at the 2008 DocAviv International Film Festival and was nominated that year for the Israeli Film and Television Academy Award. His documentary “Systema” which follows the Israeli synchronized swimming team was completed in 2010 and was premiered at the 2010 DocAviv International Film Festival.

    Ohad’s film “Summer Nights” won ‘Best Film Award’ in the 2021 DocAviv Festival.

    Ohad resides in Tel Aviv and works as a lecturer at the Department of Cinema and Television at the Tel Aviv University.

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    “Summer Nights”, directed and produced by AICF recipient Ohad Milstein, receives ‘Best Film’ award at the recent 2021 DocAviv festival.