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    Vienna, Austria

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    Omer Barash is a composer currently residing in Vienna, where he is a postgraduate student in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts (MDW). His main compositional interests include the exploration of movement and gesture in music, the interrelations between them, and their poetic and performative aspects.

    Artistic engagements include collaborations with, and commissions from ensembles such as the McGill Symphony Orchestra and the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble, Paramirabo (Canada), Meitar (Israel), Reconsil (Austria) and Trio Arbós (Spain), among others.

    Before settling in Vienna, Omer attended the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where he was composer in residence of the Tedarim programme of new music, and McGill University.

    Selected Past Performances

    • February 2, 2020: “Mit Groys Kheshek” by Zachariah Reff, at the Forum IRCAM (online event)
    • February 27, 2020: “A Very Narrow Bridge” by Meitar Ensemble, at Targ Auditorium, Tel-Aviv University
    • June 26, 2019: “Jeux Jerusalemiens” by Tedarim Ensemble, conducted by Pascal Gallois at the Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel-Aviv
    • June-July 2018 “Resisei Laila” (Night Dew) by the Netanya-Kibbutz Orchestra, conducted by Christian Lindberg – eight concerts across Israel.
    • June 2018 “Scattergories” for flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, violin, cello and double-bass by Tedarim ensemble conducted by Tom Karni, at the Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel-Aviv
    • December 2017 “TEHUDA” for violin and piano, by Duo Ardorè – at the Nuova Consonanza Festival in Rome, Italy

    Awards And Honors

    • High honours grant in composition (AICF, 2020-2022)
    • Andrew Svoboda Memorial Prize for Orchestral Composition (McGill University, 2020)
    • Klon Award for Emerging Composers: 1st prize (Israel Composers’ League, 2019)
    • Merit grant in composition (AICF, 2018-2019)
    • Nazarian scholarship for outstanding chamber musicians (JAMD, 2017-2019)
    • Full tuition scholarships for composition and piano studies (ARPE Foundation, 2017-2019)
    • Mark Kopytman Composition Contest: 1st prize (JAMD, 2018)
    • Audience Choice Award for “Resisei Laila” (Israel NK Orchestra, 2o18)
    • Scholarship for composition studies (ARPE Foundation, 2016-2017)
    • Mark Kopytman Composition Contest: 3rd prize (JAMD, 2016)
    • Scholarship for piano studies (AICF, 2012-2013)


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