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About Omer Saig

Omer Saig (1990) is an Israeli Designer creating in leather and wood. He recently graduated from the department of ‘Fashion and Jewelry’ at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Omer currently lives in Paris, he specialized in techniques of leather and wood accessories, video filming, editing and scenography.

During his studies he took part in several exhibitions: “Talente” exhibition in Munich, March 2015 “A walk of art” visionary shoes exhibition in New-York city February 2017 Upcoming exhibition ”A walk of art” in San- Fransisco, November 2017.

He was awarded 4 times ‘Year excellence’ in the Academy of Bezalel. His final project received the 10X10 award as ‘Excellent final project’ His final project awarded him with the ‘Lola Taubman’ prize for 2017-2018.Omer is an AICF Grant recipient for 2017-2018.

Omer Saig

Film, Visual Arts
Art / Set Design, Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Design & Technology, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Stage & Costume Design, Video Art

Paris, France

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