Omri Elbaz

    Grant Recipient
    • Music

    Natanya, Israel

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    Omri Elbaz, Born in 2002. Began his musical studies in 2010 on drums. As a child he learned to play Trombone and Baritone in the Netanya Conservatory. In 2015 he began to study percussion instruments with Tomer Yariv and Daniel Solomonov at Tremolo – the International Percussion Center in Israel.

    Graduated top of his class from the music program in “Tcharnichovsky” high school in Netanya. Participated in some of the best youth orchestras in Israel, among them the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel National Orchestra, the youth percussion ensemble of “Tremolo” Percussion Center and played percussion in Netanya’s conservatory orchestra. He played in orchestras and ensembles conducted by Lahav Shani, Eyal Ein Habar, Tomer Yariv, Alon Bor, Gal Alterovich Motti Meron and more.

    Nowadays Omri is studying percussion with Daniel Solomonov, and Timpani with Dan Moshaiev.
    Omri will begin his Military service in the IDF Orchestra soon.
    Omri is a recipient of scholarships from the AICF for percussion, for 2020/21.

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