Or Peter

    Grant Recipient
    • Visual Arts

    tel aviv, Israel

    Artist Website

    Or Peter, also known by his drag name Patri$h (b. 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist and an art teacher.

    He holds a B.F.A in Art and Art Education from Hamidrasha School of Art at Beit Berl (2019).

    While Peter’s art is diverse in terms of the media he employs, he is particularly drawn to performance and installation. In his art he examines the different facets of his identity by observing the hidden context and history that sexual identities and political structures provide. For Peter, masking his appearance is a path to self-expression that allows him to discern his moral, political and philosophical standpoint. Peter often trys to deconstruct patterns of masculine myths and other sexual attributes and tropes.

    Peters’ work has been featured in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. He was awarded the America-Israel Foundation grant (2019-2020) and an Excellency scholarship from Beit Berl College for his achievements as an artist (2019).