Visual Arts

About Oree Holban

Multidisciplinary in practice, Oree is an image-maker, a performer, a singer-songwriter, and a player. His work reflects on the Limbo of genders, love relationships, toys for kids who want it all, American 1950s, nostalgia, authenticity, celebrity culture, and the Wholesome Performer.

Oree's work lies between the performative and the visual. As a multidisciplinary artist, he likes to create neon-rock’n’roll-meditative worlds; these colorful installations cover the space with felt fabrics, pop, child-like images, which like in a Mary Poppins scene, would rather invite you in, only to then shake you out. He likes to use light and naive materials such as plasticine, felt, cardboard, foam as well as graphics/designed materials such as neon and wallpapers. He likes to contemplate how art and imagination can bring us back to reality rather than run away from it. He has been interested in lucid fantasies and the creative ways which can alleviate between dualities or extremities, between the “adult” and the child, between the “male and the female”.

Oree Holban

Music, Visual Arts
Guitar, Voice, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Performance Art, Sculpture, Stage & Costume Design

Santa Barbara, California, United States
Grant Recipient