Oren Ben Simon

    2002 – 2001

    Screenwriter and Director of the TV series “Beketzev  Haketzev” for HOT – Channel 3 cable tv + yes t.v.  -Talisama Productions

    2003 – 2002

    Development budget for feature film “Benny and Roni” – The Israeli Film Fund. Producer: Yonatan Aroch – Talisma Productions


    Co-creator and actor in a documentary film “All about A.B. Simon” An urban poet who traces the character of the poet,  Avot Yeshurun ​​, a project with Beit Berl College, director – Nir Friedenberg

    2007 – 2004

    Screenwriter for “mtvs Studios” – Producer: Dikla Barkai

    2009 – 2008

    Screenwriter, director, actor and producer, ” Sanity District “, An absurd existential parody. 30 min. Drama. supported of the “Makor Foundation for Film and Television” + Cinema Project.  Patshegen indie Productions


    Producer and Concept Editor at the Riff Raff Club in Tel Aviv – Film screenings, poetry evenings, artists’ exhibitions, and more.

    2012 – 2010

    Producer and editor of poetry sheets, Electric Electron, Manifesto of the People, Theater of the Gallows. With the support of Third Ear, Soda Bar, the Corduroy Club. Patshegen Productions.

    2014 – 2012

    Writing cinema articles for Ynet website.  Editor Amir Bogen.


    Support for a feature film, “The Fool and the Man of Reason”  by the Israeli Film Fund.  Development track project. Screenwriter, director, producer, Oren Ben-Simon/ patschegen Productions

    2016 – 2018

    Screenwriter, director, actor and producer  Cinema movie “Moris” Patshegen Productions. Supported by Cinema Project Rabinowitch foundation for arts. Comming soon…



    Film studies at the “Camera Obscura” Film and Art School


    Creative photography course in the workshop of the photographer Jacob Bornstein


    Ort “K. Bialik High School: A theoretical Studies and music.

    Artist Photo Gallery