About Oren Ben Simon

Oren Ben Simon is an Israeli screenwriter , director, producer and a poet.

2002 – Screenwriter and director of the television series Beketzev ha ketzev.

2002 –Beit berel inst. Actor in a documentary film All About AB Simon.

2003- Winner of the budget for developing a script for the film Benny and Rony from the Israeli Film Fund.

2004-2006 Screenwriter at Meimad Studios

2008 – Makor f. fund. Screenwriter and director Parody film Sanity District

2010 – Concept man at the Riff Raff Club in Tel Aviv

2018 – Rabinowich f. fund Screenwriter, director-producer of the artistic cinema film Moris

Oren Ben Simon

Directing, Producing, Narrative

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

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