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About Oren Moshes

Oren Moshes was born in 1972 in Tel Aviv, raised and educated in Rishon Lezion, now lives in Tel Aviv and keeps an art studio on Hayarkon Street. Oren makes his living as an artist and a freelance industrial designer.

From a very young age Oren displayed a strong affinity to color. A box of crayons served him as a scale of emotions expressed not only on paper but also verbally (“I feel green”). At the age of six he began to study painting formally and continued passionately until the age of 17, the year his beloved teacher, painter Adam Beckerman died. Beckerman’s personality, attitude and approach to color constitute a source of inspiration for Oren till this very day.
At the age of 22 he was employed as an art director in the development of computer games. This was the first exposure to computers and Oren was captivated by technology. This led to the decision to study industrial design at the Academic Center of Technology Holon, where he refined and expanded his set of tools. From 1997 Oren worked in various disciplines of design for companies worldwide: from designing user interfaces, through animations, graphic design, exhibition booth design to the development of bio-medical devices and consumer electronic products design for mass production. Oren holds a number of design patents registered. Millions of consumer products were conceived at tip of his pencil.
Over the years, work stations became more sophisticated and Oren spent two decades working in a virtual environment creating for reality, while, in reality, he was required to a fast pace of life and constant traveling in which he was exposed to cultures and advanced technologies. Throughout those years he continued to paint.
In 2008 he decided to devote himself to his life passion – painting and changed his lifestyle and the balance of work – a lot more color and less computer files. His work deals with philosophical issues of our time, such as Image vs. Essence and the effects of technology on our perception of reality and self. The works range on a scale from intimate to alienated, between the incidental and the well planned. Oren believes in the work process as a means of expression and develops unique techniques for working with color.

Oren Moshes

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Video Art

Tel-Aviv, Israel

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