About Orian Rose

Orian Om Rozenzweig, professionally known as Orian Rose, is a drummer, composer, and record producer based in New York City. He was born on September 19, 1997, in Jerusalem, Israel, and spent his formative years in India from ages 3 to 9, where he learned to play the tabla.

Orian's passion for music led him to pick up the drums at the age of 10, and he quickly developed a prodigious talent for the instrument. He began studying classical piano and theory at the age of 12, further broadening his musical horizons. As a high school student, he attended the Israeli Conservatory of Jazz and Classical Music in Schtriker, Tel Aviv, where he honed his skills in jazz drumming. He then enrolled in The New School's Schtriker program, founded by Amit Golan, where he refined his skills further.

For his mandatory military service at the Israeli Defense Forces, Orian served as the drummer for the Navy band, playing an integral role in the band's performances. He participated in a gala tour in Canada that raised over $2,700,000 for The Association for Israel's Soldiers, which is the nation's foundation to receive donations and that directly supports the soldiers and veterans. He also performed at the Ein Gev Festival in 2018, which celebrated 70 years of the IDF bands. It featured renowned Israeli artists such as Yehoram Gaon, Sassi Keshet, and Moshe Peretz.

Orian's exceptional talent and dedicated work paid off when he auditioned for both Berkeley College of Music and The School of Jazz and Contemporary Music at The New School in New York City. He was awarded full-tuition merit-based scholarships to both institutions, and ultimately chose to attend The New School, where he graduated in 2022.

In addition to his academic musical accomplishments, Orian was awarded the prestigious Creative Excellence (Sharett) Grant in 2019. This highly competitive grant recognizes exceptional Israeli artists and provides them with financial support to pursue their artistic endeavors.

Throughout his career, Orian has continued to impress audiences with his dynamic drumming and innovative compositions. He has collaborated with numerous artists and producers, including Marky Styles, ChaseTheMoney, Yonatan Voltzuk, Yuval Cohen, Eliad Nahum and Dior Alexander. His work has been featured in a variety of projects, including live festivals and sound recordings.

Currently, Orian is working on touring with his groups in jazz festivals throughout the US. He continues to collaborate with musicians and producers to create new and exciting music, and is committed to sharing his love of music with audiences around the world. With his drive, talent, and dedication to his craft, Orian Rose is sure to make a lasting impact on the world of jazz and music in general.

Orian Rose


Sunnyside, New York, United States
Grant Recipient