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About Orna Ben-Ami

The Israeli sculptor, Orna Ben-Ami, creates highly symbolic pieces that carry universal, local and deeply personal meanings. She expresses personal and collective memories.
Unlike some of the other artists working with iron, Orna Ben-Ami executes the sculptures herself. Her use of flat iron plates, which she transforms into voluminous forms by cutting, bending, welding and polishing, calls for high technical skills. Ben-Ami turns the steel's hardness into the softness of a material that is both intensely expressive and powerfully present in space.
Ben-Ami had 42 solo exhibitions in Museums around the USA and museums and galleries in Europe, Taiwan Mexico, and Israel. Her solo Exhibition "Entire Life in a Package" was shown, during 2017-2018 in the UN headquarters in New York, in The Palace of nations in Geneva, and in 9 museums around the world.

45 of her public sculptures are placed all over Israel and in Germany.

President Shimon Peres wrote: "Orna, you prove that there is nothing softer than iron, and nothing stronger than a woman"

Orna Ben-Ami

Visual Arts

holon, Israel

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