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Peter Spacey - Tel-Aviv-based Digital Artist, Electronic Music Producer/DJ & Space Lover - Omer Luz.

His works explore the relations between audio elements and visual aesthetics throughout technology. Utilizing frequencies across the wide spectrum - audible, visible, and frequencies that vibrate in space and time.

Best known for his Glitched Grooves and Spacey Beats. Coming from traditional music background as a keyboard player (started at age 7 as a Classical & Jazz pianist) alongside early exposure to synthesizers, drum machines, Turntables, beat-making, and DJing (started making music and DJing at 14). Spacey’s unique sound signature is a result of this rare combination of flavors.

You can find Spacey on stages, clubs, and festivals - performing live or DJing, on TV screens and film industry as a soundtrack composer, and in galleries - making exhibitions and art installations.

Recently Spacey was invited to be a featured artist and collaborate in a Mitsubishi advert music-video series that showcasing the new collection of cars

2021 adventures included performing and DJing alongside major artists such as - Mad Zach, Anomalie, Masego, and more...

These days Spacey is touring and performing as part of the "Frequeinices" Tour - Audio Visual performance.
and recently launched his NFT Collection, Audio-Visual Collaboration with L.A. Based Artists TEC.

Peter Spacey

Music, Visual Arts
Electronic, Multimedia, Installation, Performance Art, Video Art, Sound, New Media

Tel Aviv, Israel

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