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About Peter Spacey

Peter Spacey - Tel-Aviv-based Digital Artist, Electronic Music Producer/DJ & Space Lover - Omer Luz.

His works explore the relations between audio elements and visual aesthetics throughout technology. Utilizing frequencies across the wide spectrum - audible, visible, and frequencies that vibrate in time & space.

Best known for his Glitched Grooves and Spacey Beats. Coming from traditional music background as a keyboard player (started at age 7 as a Classical & Jazz pianist) alongside early exposure to synthesizers, drum machines, Turntables, beat-making, and DJing (started making music and DJing at 14). Spacey’s unique sound signature is a result of this rare combination of these flavors.

You can find Spacey on stages, clubs, and festivals - performing live or DJing, on TV screens and film industry as a soundtrack composer, and in galleries - making exhibitions and art installations.

Spacey's last years adventures included performing and Djing alongside major artists such as - Mad Zach, Anomalie, Masego, and more...

His music is placed as a soundtrack heavily in the film/commercial and gaming industry (HBO, Porsche, Samsung, Playstation...) and accompanies international major events (Zing Music Award, DMC World Championship, Vague, New York Fashion Week, Miss Universe...).

These days Spacey is touring and performing as part of the "Frequencies" Tour - Audio Visual performance.
and recently launched his NFT Collection of Audio-Visual / Digital works, the collection presented in worldwide galleries, among them, are 'Soho House,' 'Tel Aviv Museum Of Art', 'The Holy Art Gallery' (London) & Neo Shibuya Screens (Japan).

Peter Spacey

Music, Visual Arts
Electronic, Multimedia, Installation, Performance Art, Video Art, Sound, New Media

Tel Aviv, Israel

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