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About Premshay Hermon

Premshay Hermon has been involved in Israeli cultural life for the last decade. Music, dance, theater, visual art, education – all are parts of his sum total. As Founder of Cannons Muses, an international association of artists focusing on the role of art during a time of crisis, he has collaborated on projects in Dublin, Tokyo and Israel.

These encounters promoted a dialogue between cultures and artists looking to cope with actual crises, such as ongoing wars and socio-economic difficulties. Premshay has served as the Artistic Director of the Activism Festival, an annual gathering of people, organizations and initiatives devoted to the social and environmental betterment of life in Israel.

Currently, Premshay is the Executive Producer of Theater Can - a young, dynamic troupe of acclaimed artists, creating groundbreaking plays while engaging the community to take part. A long-time educator, Premshay has also taught photography and activism to gifted children for the last ten years. Premshay holds a B.Ed in dance-theater education from the Kibbutzim Seminar. He is currently a fellow member of ALMA: Home for Hebrew Culture. He lives in Kfar-Malal, with his beloved spouse, his permaculture garden, and, occasionally, the cat.

Premshay Hermon

Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts
Dancer, Contemporary, Piano, Composition, Production, Actor, Director, Multimedia, Performance Art, Photography, Video Art

Kfar-Saba, Israel