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About Pyromania

Pyromania is an international entertainment company that creates, directs and produces spectacular visual art shows. Formed in London in 1996 by director and choreographer Zohar Markman, Pyromania has since performed on countless stages and events across the world.

Pyromania's artistic expression is a work of contrasting theatrical and physical disciplines: static and dynamic, light and darkness, classical and modern.

In our shows classical dance and pantomime meet modern technologies and effects, traditional martial arts meet state-of-the-art interactive video. Our use of these opposing Medias creates a unique artistic dialect that is riveting to people of all cultures and ages.

Notable Performances:

Tarrega “fira del teatro festival”, Spain 1998
“Kulter-Bursa” Theatre Festival, Germany 2000
Edinburgh Festival opening ceremony 2001
Pleasance Theatre, London 2001
BIT Festival, Barbican 2002
“Hero Honda Launch”, India Tour 2003
“Moon Shadow”, Israel Museum 2006
“Tech-Fest”, Mumbai 2008
“Mr. Lytec’s Light Show”, Haifa Science Museum – 118 performances 2011
“Touching Light”, Jerusalem Science Museum – 120 performances 2012
Creative Production, Palace Balls in the Venice Carnival 2014


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