Rachel Eshed

    Grant Recipient
    • Visual Arts

    Menachamyia, Israel

    Rachel was born at kibbutz Degania Alef and was raised in Tel Aviv. She studied Decor & Costumes for Theater at Tel Aviv University, then she studied Fine Arts at Central School of Art & Design in London. Back in Israel, she studied drawing by Herald Roubin and etching by  Michael Dvorckis, Art Photography at Camera Obscura, and illustration at the United Kibbutz Workshop by Yana Bookler.

    She was a private student at Eliahoo Gat’s studio. Another two teachers of hers were Shimon Avni and Isanna Yakov. She defines herself as a painter. She had two one-woman shows: 1. In 2008, at Tzavta Hall in Tel Aviv. 2. In 2013 at Kibbutz Machanayim’s Gallery, and participated in several group exhibitions, including in Poland, in summer  2020.