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About Rill Greenfeld

Rill was born in Tel Aviv and raised in Givatayim. Ever since she was young art always kept me busy. She danced classic and modern ballet in the ages 6-18 and in ‘Blich’ high school in Ramat Gan her majors were dance and chemistry. She has travelled a lot in Israel and worldwide and has been exposed to a lot of cultures, arts and design. She just graduated in jewelry design in ‘Shenker’ and earned a Bachelor of Jewelry Design.

Rill always had an affection to miniatures, children toys, colors and mechanism. In her work she tries to create a new world that contains my ideology, items that she collect and things she loves. Every piece of her designs is combined with modern or traditional goldsmith work – kinetic metal constructions, and creates new interactions with the body.

In 2016 she took part in “Most excellent” Group Exhibition, in Chemnitz, Germany, Jewelry – Art for Heroes to mention 100 years to WW1. During her days as a student in ‘Shenkar’ she participated in three different one week long workshops with guest artists/designers (‘Hazorfim’ factory, Simone ten Hompel and Xavier Monclus). She received a distinction scholarship from H. Stern in 2016 and this year she received an AICF grant.

Rill Greenfeld

Visual Arts
Jewelry Design

גבעתיים, Israel

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