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About Rochelle Saidel

Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel is founder and executive director of Remember the Women Institute, New York City, which carries out and encourages research and cultural projects that integrate women into history. Among these projects are art exhibits and events related to theatre and the Holocaust, with women and the Holocaust as a focus.

She is co-editor of Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust (Brandeis University/University Press of New England, 2010), as well as author of The Jewish Women of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp (University of Wisconsin Press, 2004, also in Hebrew and Portuguese) and Mielec: The Shtetl that Became a Nazi Concentration Camp (Gefen Publishers 2012). She is also editor of Fiorello’s Sister: Gemma La Guardia Gluck’s Story (Syracuse University Press, 2007), and has produced and curated Holocaust-related museum exhibits.

Her earlier books are Never Too Late to Remember: The Politics Behind New York City’s Holocaust Museum and The Outraged Conscience: Seekers of Justice for Nazi War Criminals in America. Dr. Saidel has been a senior researcher at the Center for the Study of Women and Gender, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Her PhD in Political Science is from The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY, New York City. She worked for nine years in the New York State Senate, with responsibilities including Holocaust education and planning for the Museum of Jewish Heritage. She has been writing and lecturing on the Holocaust for more than thirty years.

Rochelle Saidel

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New York, New York, United States