About Roi Dayan

Roi Dayan was born in 1997 in Beer-Sheba, Israel. He began his musical career at the age of 8 at the Conservatory of Music in Beersheba, under the direction of Lev Khaimovich.

In 2014 Khaimovich retired, and Dayan went to study with Mr. Teddy Shushanko; in the same year also worked with mandolin artist Jacob (Yaki) Reuven.

Under the guidance of Yaki, Dayan won a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, and the first prize of the Arik Kerman Mandolin Building Foundation Scholarship.

In 2015 Dayan officially started studying with Reuven, and a few months later, Dayan received the news that he has won an outstanding musician in the Israel Defense Forces.

A month later, Dayan won first place at the young category of the national competition for making Israeli music by composer Paul Ben Haim.
A few months later, Dayan again won a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural
Foundation. Dayan played with a Mandolin Orchestra around the world and across the country as a soloist and orchestra musician.

Roi Dayan

Mandolin, Baroque / Early Music, Classical

Beer Sheba, Israel