About Ron Magril

Ron Magril was born on November 30, 1997 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He started his musical career from a young age, when his grandfather taught him to play the violin but later switched to the guitar and this is his main instrument ever since. Ron studied at Ironi A School of the Arts in Tel Aviv and did a recital in JAZZ performance, which he graduated with honors after completing his 12 years of study. During his high school years, Ron worked on a number of projects in Israel and around the world, and at the same time studied with Ofer Ganor, who influenced him a lot, along with other teachers who helped him along the way.
Ron spent his military service in the Air Force and during his military service began studying for a bachelor's degree in the joint program of Stricker and the New School and in the past year Ron moved to New York to complete his studies in New York after receiving a scholarship from the New School.

In recent years, Ron has taken an active part in the Jazz and rock scene in Tel Aviv and New York and he often plays with the leading jazz players in Israel and the world.
Ron wins the America Israel Israel Excellence Scholarship in Jazz between the years 2018-2019,2019-2020, wins the Excellence Scholarship named after Ran Baron in 2016 and 2020, received a scholarship from HFLS, in 2018 he received a scholarship from the new school. today, Ron is playing with the leading jazz musicians in israel while working on his debut album with his quartet, featuring original music that he wrote over the years

Ron Magril

Guitar, Violin, Jazz

Tel-Aviv, Israel

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