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About Rona Shahar

Born in Tel Aviv, studied art at Hamidrasha and then in Rotterdam Kunstacademie. Painting in oils, watercolors, markers and pens impressions of the immediate surroundings that are being processed through memory, feeling, judgment and the heart’s wishes. Often drawing attention to the “back yard” – whether at home, various locations in Haifa, absolutely Haifa itself, as well as abroad (notably New York).

Mostly working on plexiglass, plywood and paper.

2010 – first solo exhibition, at P8 gallery in Tel Aviv, “Panthera Tigris Nisnas”.
2016 – Joint group exhibition @ Haifa City Museum / Bet Hageffen Gallery, “Khayat Orchard”, an abandoned garden in the foothills in Haifa.
2019 - Group show @ Haifa City Museum, Demolition Party, curated by Hadas Shadar and Efrat Avny Mazeh, in collaboration with Dusseldorf City Museum
2019 - solo show @ Kiryat Tivon gallery, In the Open, curated by Michal Shachnai
2020 - Group show @ Piramida Haifa, Rashomon Wild Animals, curated by Sari Doveh

Rona Shahar

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting

Haifa, Israel

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