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About Ronit Keret

Born in Jerusalem. Live and work in Haifa and Tel Aviv.
Keret is a Multidisciplinary artist, mainly engaged in installations and video in recent years. Graduated from Hamidrasha Beit-Berl (2005-2009) and has a MA in Arts Education, at Leeds University, England (1998-2001). Her work from recent years deals with the ecological crisis, the melting glaciers that have been changing due to the nature of human activity. The Installations that Keret creates are formed as a reaction to the given display space and the nature of the material she uses itself (such as Styrofoam, cardboard etc.). Keret describes the transitions between good and evil in looking at human and nature relations and the gap between childhood dreams and catastrophic reality.

1.5 degrees is all that lies between us and the total disappearance of the earth’s glaciers. Disappearance, which would lead to a complete flooding of the planet and the end of life on earth as we know it. Without a significant change in our lifestyle, we’ll reach the point of no return sooner than we thought. We tend to think that it is not a “real” problem, that it’s a problem for our children’s children. However, in Patagonia, Chile, minute by minute, the ecological disaster is becoming tangible. Perito Moreno Glacier, about 250 square km of thick ice, is eroding into the sea at an inconceivable speed. Ice “buildings” slide powerfully into the sea below them, telling the story of the painful phenomenon. My Video illustrates the danger to human existence posed by the erosion of nature. I try to provide viewers with an emotional and spiritual space in which they can experience this danger.

Ronit Keret

Visual Arts
Architecture, Sculpture, Design & Technology, Digital Art / Multimedia

Haifa - Tel Aviv, Israel

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