About Rony Stav

Rony Stav, a singer-actress-musician originally from Israel, was a soloist in the IDF Orchestra. Between her credits you can find the off Broadway production of Silk Stockings, the Broadway workshop of Renegade the Musical and more. Rony has appeared in different concerts and shows in the city in venues such as Tully hall Lincoln Center and Kauffman Center. Rony is also a singer-songwriter and is performing with her original materials in different venues in NYC. Rony is a recipient of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship.

“Being Israeli, especially abroad, is a crucial part of my journey in life: as an artist and as a person. Being Israeli is being part of something bigger, it’s a feeling of belongings,its having roots of endless stories and connections between each other. Being Israeli is always remembering the past while looking at the future. As an Israeli artist, I try and weave these connections, of past and future, of old and new, of people and memories, together through music and theater.”

Rony Stav

Music, Theater
Voice, Actor

New York, New York, United States