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About Rotem Adrian

Rotem Adrian is a UX + UI designer and graphic artist, an alumni of the Visual Communications Department at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She grew up in a musically centered family in Jerusalem, and she currently lives in Tel Aviv.

In her projects, she often deals with the fine line between logic and emotion, and with being able to turn a conceptual notion or database into a visual experience.


2017: “The GER Code” – An interactive installation. exhibited at the graduates’ final exhibition of the Visual Communications Department at Shenkar College.

As a former religious woman, Adrian chose to question the boundaries of the personal space within a religious rules system, and display the hundreds of prohibitions and decrees which are customary at the Ger Hasidic Dynasty.
The decrees are presented typographically as a combination of a computer code and an ultra-orthodox pasquil, interchanging from light to heavy as the viewer in the installation walks closer or further from the screen.

2014: “Private + Public” – An embroidery project which deals with the social-network experience. presented as part of the State of the Art exhibition of the HIV-Talk organisation in Tel Aviv.

The project displays both sides of an embroidered fabric; on one side, the embroidery creates a replica of a typical Facebook page, while on the other side you could see the mounts of knots and twists of string. Rotem is an America-Israel Cultural Foundation grant recipient in the field of Visual Communication Design.

Rotem Adrian

Visual Arts
Design & Technology, Digital Art / Multimedia, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Video Art

Tel Aviv, Israel
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