About Roy Niv Weschler

For as long as he can remember, acting has been an inseparable part of Roy's life. As the son of an incredible actress and dubbing director, he started dubbing at a young age, already exploring the wide range of his voice and the various ways he could use it to embody different characters. Later in life, he was taught the Chubbuck method of acting by teacher Shahar Rozen.

Roy got the lead role in a TV series called “Spell Keepers". After the TV show was over, he found myself drawn to the theater. He auditioned for the play "The Wizard of Oz" and got the role of the Tin Man. He got into a new, original musical called "The Habadnikim" in the Cameri Theater, one of the best theaters in Israel.

Roy Niv Weschler

Film, Theater

Ra'anana, Israel

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