About Saeed Diab

Saeed Diab was born in Israel in November 1999. He began his piano studies at the age of 7 at “Beit-Almusica” Conservatory in Shefa-‘Amr with Mrs. Svetlana Smirnov. There he studied for 9 years and then moved to the Karmiel Conservatory and still studied with the same teacher. In Karmiel he took part in chamber ensembles and orchestras. In October 2018 he started his studies at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music with Professor Asaf Zohar.

Saeed took part of many music conventions held by the ministry of education, participated twice in The National Piano Competition for Young Pianists – Ashdod “Piano Forever” (2016-17) and once in The Pnina Zaltzman Competition for Young Pianists, Kfar Saba (2017).

In June 2018 he auditioned for the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and was granted a scholarship.

Saeed Diab

Piano, Classical

Shefa-'Amr, Israel
Grant Recipient