About Sarig Hasenfeld

I was born in 1998 in Tel Aviv, Israel and was raised in Kiryat Ono, Israel.

My main performances until today were two solo pieces with Kiryat Ono’s youth concert band and my recital solo concert. In 2015 I performed “Schindler’s List” theme music composed by John Williams in several concerts in AIYF in Aberdeen, Scotland including the Gala concert at the end of the festival. In 2016 I performed “Concerto for Clarinet” by Artie Shaw in various concerts in Israel. Also in 2016 I had my bagrut exam in music. I performed the entire repertoire of the recital in a solo concert days before the exam in Kiryat Ono’s conservatory.

I have received scholarships from AICF in 2015 and 2016. I also received a scholarship of excellence from Kiryat Ono’s conservatory in 2015. In addition, I have won 2nd place in the competition for musical ensembles in AIYF in Scotland as part of a wind quintet. I have been accepted to the IDF orchestra and I will start my military service there this December. I have also received the title of professional musician from IDF, but I was asked to serve in the IDF orchestra.

Sarig Hasenfeld

Clarinet, Classical

Kiriyat Ono, Israel