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About Shahaf Ida

Shahaf Ida is a media artist based in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.
Ida's work deals with feminist issues, capitalism, self-identity in the realm of virtual culture, and life under the influence of the constantly evolving worldwide web.

Ida's projects navigate and examine these fields through the lens of her own personal struggles while maintaining a sense of duality between the real world and the virtual one. She plays with both emotional and physical exposure through both humor and intimacy.

Each work exists in both physical and virtual dimensions, communicating with the viewer differently in each.
Ida often takes subjects and opportunities she's intrigued by into her artistic practice, many of which revolve around social media and the sex industry while focusing on topics such as selling feet pics, creating pornographic content, and sugar dating.

Taking these subjects into her practice allows Ida to inspect them with the critical eye of a woman who has grown up in a generation of rapid technological advancement and vapid internet culture.

Shahaf Ida

Visual Arts
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