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    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Shaham – The Israeli Actors’ Organization was established in March 2000 as the ‘Israeli Screen Actors’ Union in order to protect the existence of Israeli culture and creativity, the right of Israeli citizens to consume Israeli culture and the right of Israeli actors to create a quality culture in suitable conditions that respect the artists and their creative needs.
    Shaham is a registered non-profit (In Israel a union must be registered as a non-profit) that currently has 2,450 members and is the largest artists’ organization in Israel.
    At first, the organization concentrated on screen players only, and was called ‘The Israeli screen actors union’, but over the years the activity expanded, and the name of the organization changed to “Shaham – the Israeli Actors’ Organization” and today it acts as the sole representative organization of the Israeli actors of all fields.

    Courses and Workshops
    Shaham offers a wide variety of courses and workshops offered by film, TV and theater directors, artistic directors, screenwriters, casting directors, playwrights, etc. The workshops and courses are offered at low and subsidized prices and are aimed to develop the abilities and methods of acting and expose the actors to industry executives