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About Shahar Kedem

Shahar was born and raised in a small “moshav” based in Golan heights, northern Israel. He was educated there for 12 years at local schools. When Shahar was 18 he volunteered for a year working with teenagers as part of the boarding school stuff. His military service was in a small unit as a combat medic, Navigator and sergeant.

After his army service he worked with his family building a wine farm back at the Golan heights. There he got some new hands cruft skills using stone wood act. and thus lead him to Bezalel- academy of design and art where he studied industrial design for 4 years. During those years he had an opportunity to get experience as part of the Bezalel clubhouse design team, Design studies in “Unbiz”, Italy ( As part of a student exchange program) and to make a Product development – TAJ (guidance Noam dover). Transition to industrial production, marketing, branding, maintenance of Facebook page and got a design patent for that.

His bachelor’s degree project was guided by Tal Gur and it got a scholarship from AICF.
Shahar made a soil heating stove for the modern urban home, he tried to create a shortcut for the distance between the urban life and the earth- by using a soil product.
“28kg of soil” is a project that creates a new path between an ancient technique and innovative technologies. It is made by compressing “Basaltic” soil collected from various areas in the Golan Heights.
This project was published at “dis-up”, design boom, x-net and “Caesar stone” competition for young designer.

Shahar Kedem

Visual Arts
Architecture, Ceramics & Glass, Curating, Design & Technology, Digital Art / Multimedia, Drawing & Painting, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Jewelry Design, Lighting Design, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Performance Art, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Stage & Costume Design, Video Art

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