About Shalev Koloditsky

Shalev Koloditsky started learning to play the drums when he was in the third grade, at the Music Center in Moshav Sha’ar Ephraim. Over time, as he improved and progressed, his parents and he started looking for another music center where he could maximize my ability and aspirations.

Thus, in eighth grade, he arrived at the Israeli Percussion Center “Tremolo” in Netanya and started studying with Tomer Yariv.
During the two years that he has been studying at “Tremolo” (eighth-tenth grade), he has played on the Drum set, Marimba, Xylophone and Timpani.

Shalev enjoys playing in various ensembles in Tremolo and in the Orchestra of the Netanya Conservatory.
In addition, last year he played in two workshop performances of “Bnei Hakibbutzim” Orchestra , conducted by Yair Messiah.
In September 2016 he started learning at the Thelma Yellin Arts High school in the Classical Music department, led by Miri Zamir.

He has won the AICF Scholarship for the year 2015-16.

Shalev Koloditsky

Drums, Percussion, Classical

Shaar Efraim, Israel
Grant Recipient