About Sharón Gleack

Jazz guitairst Sharón Gleack has been involved with music since early childhood. Born in Ramat Gan, Israel, he played the keyboards since the age of five, and then took over the guitar at twelve.

Sharón composes modern jazz music, which relies on his inventive harmonic approach, and yet manages to blend with classical jazz. His palette of colors is varied, taking elements not just from jazz, but also from western classical music, rock, blues and hip hop, resulting constant change in his pursuit for new sounds and harmony.

Sharón holds a Bachelor of Music (Summa Cum Laude) from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) and a Diploma of music from Rimon, the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music (Ramat Hasharon, Israel).

His most recent project includes music for jazz quartet, which is available in his website for listening. In Boston he was a part of the house band in the legendary Wally’s jazz club, and In Israel he had led a jazz guitar trio that played and performed for several years, including the White Night festival, Givaataím Theater, Idea Bar, Elite and Shaqued Café.

Among his teachers are Mick Goodrick, Greg Osby, Tim Miller, Jon Damian, David Santoro, Yossi Levy and Shai Chen.

Sharón lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he plays in different venues, such as 68 Jay st. Bar, The Tea Lounge and The Neighborhood, to name a few. He also teaches music at Joe’s Music Academy, and gives private lessons around the city.

Sharón Gleack

Guitar, Composition

Brooklyn, New York, United States