About Sharon Roter

Sharon Roter is a woman of faith, a wife, and a mother of five, who resides in Zaperia Israel

Sharon is a well-known singer, songwriter and composer who over the years released two music albums and collaborated with Israel’s leading artists including Berry Sakharof, Rami Fortis, Assaf Amdursky, and Aviv Gefen. She is also a recording artist, her work appeared in numerous films and television shows.

Sharon has extensive experience in producing recorded and live music and shows and has toured Israel with solo performances and alongside other leading musicians. Her knowledge of music and composition relies on years of vocal training, singing choir, and dubbing for film and television. In recent years, Sharon has been invested in sharing her extensive knowledge and experience in the local music industry. In addition to leading writing and composing workshops she has also launched entrepreneurial platforms to promote women in the industry including the collective Yotzrot Bama. Sharon fosters a collaborative spirit, and her music writing composition can be commissioned by organizations and individuals.

Sharon is also a prolific writer whose texts have been published in personal columns and editorials in dailies and magazines including Ma’arive, Yedioth Ahronoth, Makor Rishon, Pnima, and Shvie. Her experience in content editing includes Laneshama magazine and Channel 20, and her television appearances as a host and interviewer include Orot, Hidabroot, and 20 Channels as well as TOV.TV.

Sharon is a certified yoga instructor by Wingate Institute and an avid practitioner.

Sharon Roter

Voice, Composition, Guitar, World/Ethnic

Zaperia, Israel
Grant Recipient