Shelley Stolpner

    Grant Recipient

    Maale Adummim,9853015, Israel

    Born in November 2002 in Jerusalem, Shelley is the youngest child of the Stolpner`s family of musicians. Shelley started dancing at a very young age. At first it was Ballroom dances, but then she advanced to additional dance types. Shelley won multiple prizes in Israel and also in a few International competitions. She appeared as a dancer with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, with the Beer-Sheva Sinfonietta Orchestra, and was invited to a large dance show in the Azrieli towers in Tel-Aviv.

    From the 7th grade Shelley started her studies of classical ballet and modern dance at the Jerusalem High School of Music and Dance with teachers: Luda Krendel, Ziva Shohat, Moran Dekel and Evy Lifshitz Sternberg. Three years later, Shelley started to complete her classical ballet studies with Nadia Timofeeva and a modern dance with Oded Ronen at the Jerusalem Ballet School.

    2018-2019 is the first year that Shelley Stolpner received a scholarship of AICF in modern dance.