About Shelley Stolpner

Born in 2002 in Jerusalem, Shelley is the youngest child of the Stolpner`s family of musicians. Shelley started dancing at a very young age. At first it was Ballroom dances, then she advanced to other dance types.
Shelley won multiple prizes in Israel and international competitions. She appeared as a dancer with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, with the Beer-Sheva Sinfonietta Orchestra, and was invited to a large dance show in the Azrieli towers in Tel-Aviv.

At 7th grade, Shelley started her studies of classical ballet and modern dance at the Jerusalem High School of Music and Dance with teachers Luda Krendel, Ziva Shohat, Moran Dekel and Evy Lifshitz Sternberg. Three years later, Shelley started to complete her classical ballet studies with Nadia Timofeeva and modern dance with Oded Ronen at the Jerusalem Ballet School.

Shelley received the 2018-2019 scholarship from AICF, in the modern dance category.

Shelley Stolpner

Dancer, Contemporary, Perfomance

Maale Adummim, Israel
Grant Recipient