Shira Arad

    Editing documentary and narrative films since 2005, Shira started her professional life as an actress. After a few years of acting, she found her way into DJing. Shira played in bars and clubs in Tel Aviv and went deep into the Gypsy and Arabic music scene. An editor friend suggested she study editing and that her former professions as an actress and DJ are a great starting point for an editor career. He was right. She fell in love with editing instantly. She found her home.

    The second feature film she edited, “Our Father”, by Meni Yaesh, won the Best Editing Award in the Israeli Film Academy Awards 2016. The third feature film Shira edited, “Antenna”, by Arik Rotstein, won the Best Editing Award in the Haifa International Film Festival, 2016. “Incitement”, by Yaron Zilberman, the fifth feature film Shira edited, was released in 2019.

    In 2020, Shira was chosen to be part of the European Film Academy.

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    After Midnight: The Darkest Secret in Town is a documentary mini-series that tells the unbelievable story of the Kastiel Affair in Israel. The docuseries was directed by Keren Shayo, produced by Mika Timor, and edited by Shira Arad who also wrote the t…

    | Artist News
    Film editor Shira Arad was chosen to be bart of the European Film Academy