About Shira Paz

Shira was born in Tel-Aviv, israel in 1994. At the age of five she began to study the cello in the Shtriker conservatory and at the age of twelve she began to play the harp with Ruth Maayani, with whom she has been studying for eight years, and then went on to study with Julia Rovinsky for two more years.

Shira studied at the elementary school for the arts in Tel Aviv, and at Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts. Shira later served in the army with a status of outstanding musician; there she played in the air force band.
Shira studied three years at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, and this year she will be studying for the first year at Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the Netherlands with Erika Waardenburg.

In october 2012 Shira won the prize for outstanding performance at the first israeli harp competition. Later that year, March 2012, she performed a recital at the Felicia Blumental music center. Also at the Felicia Blumental center, she performed a recital at the concert series“The Harp in Center” in May 2013.

Shira has performed as a soloist with the Thelma Yellin Symphony Orchestra in March 2012, With the Kfar-Sabba Youth Wind Band in May 2011, and with the Buchmann Mehta School of Music Symphony Orchestra in May 2013.

As a harp player, Shira has played in the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music Orchestra since 2013,in the Israel Philharmonic in 2015, in the Tel Aviv University student orchestra in 2010, in the Young Israel Philharmonic in the years 2011-2012, and in the Thelma Yellin orchestra 2011-2012.

Shira has participated in the first israeli harp festival in October 2012, the second Israeli harp festival in December 2014, and in the “musicalp”festival in France in august 2014, there she has participated in the masterclass of Jana Bouskova. Shira is an America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship recipient since 2011

Shira Paz

Harp, Classical

Tel-Aviv Yfo, Israel

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