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About Sissy Dagan

Sissy Dagan, born in 1951, living and creating in Tel Aviv-Israel.

Graduated Art and Graphic Design at the WIZO-France College (1965-1969),

At the Avni Institute and the Art College in Ramat Hasharon (1978)

Studied painting with known artists as Rosenthalis, Edwin Solomon, Tepler and Aharon Giladi and Design with Gabi Noyman and Abraham Pat.

In 2003 she traveled to Canada, studied art at Sheridan College, and soon found herself as a senior graphic designer at an educational institution of the international women’s organization School Sisters of Notre Dame and as an art instructor in various settings.

Upon returning to Israel in 2009, she was selected as an outstanding artist by the Ministry of Absorption and won a scholarship and a financial grant for the studio and the purchase of professional equipment. She joined the Herzliya Artists’ Organization and as an active member she has participated in numerous group exhibitions at the Municipal Gallery in Herzliya, as well as in Tel Aviv and Raanana. She participated for three consecutive years in the annual exhibitions of the Committee to Fight AIDS, which take place every year at Bank Hapoalim in Tel Aviv.

In 2013, she presented a solo exhibition called “Houses and Passages” for the first time at the Municipal Gallery in Herzliya.

2011-Group exhibition “Raanana Cartoon City” Beit Yad LaBanim Raanana.

2012-Group exhibition “Dream Landscapes” Herzliya Municipal Gallery.

2012-Group exhibition “Horses that speak Hebrew” Gallery “Rothschild 3 Tel Aviv.

2013-Group exhibition “The Committee to Fight AIDS” Bank Hapoalim Tel Aviv.

2013-Group exhibition “Nekudat Chen” Raanana “Hagam” Gallery.

2013-Group exhibition “The Holocaust and Heroism” Herzliya Municipal Gallery.2013-Group exhibition “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Herzliya Municipal Gallery.

2013-Solo exhibition “Houses and Passages” Herzliya Municipal Gallery.

2016-Solo exhibition “Passages” The museum windows in the Ramat Aviv mall.

2017-Group exhibition “The voice in your head” Herzliya Municipal Gallery.

2018-Group exhibition “New Page” Herzliya Municipal Gallery.

2018-Group Exhibition “Ring Strassen” Gallery, Vienna.

2019-Art Expo Exhibition, New York.

Sissy Dagan

Visual Arts
Graphic Design

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

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