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About Sketchlight

Sketchlight is a partnership of 2 women artists Ray Vagner & Keren Eicher. They are light painters that use a photography technique.

All of their pictures are light painting created in real time captured by the camera in one single photographic frame, without Photoshop intervention.

“Light painting is an art form a technique consists of creating images by capturing the movement of light. In all our creations we do the lightning by hand and see the movement constantly changing”.

They are exploring all kinds of techniques, some of their work highlights the abstract nature of light. They are inspired by the beauty of light in all it’s various forms.

They are constantly searching for new color textures and tools. It is a technique that creates the impossible, records the paths of light into the picture, reveals something hidden in the real world. They are inspired by a quote by AD Gordon: “The light will not defeat the darkness as long as we don’t stand on the simple truth that instead of fighting the dark we must increase the light”.

Sketchlight is the official representatives of Israel in the LPWA – Light Painting World Alliance”, A non-profit organization that brings together the best light painters in the field from all over the world.


Visual Arts

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient