About Snir Oron

Snir Oron is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, Dj, and Producer.
Born and raised in Haifa Israel.

He started the musical journey playing the guitar in several bands than integrating electronic music through the craft of Djing, production and sound engineering.
Studied in a music college in Haifa through a grant from the owner of the institution as a tester for the (new at the time) full 1-year music producer training.

Soon afterward, Snir became a resident Dj in the most established electronic music institution in Haifa, playing alongside world-class artists, as well as festivals and events around the world. His work mixing acoustic and vocal musical themes, from folklore and ritualistic backgrounds – on the repetitive and meditative platform of electronic dance music.

“Music isn’t defined by an instrument or a genre, good music tells you a story, meets you under your skin. Music is a language”.

Snir Oron

Production, Electronic

Haifa, Israel
Grant Recipient