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About Tair Uria

Tair Uria (b. 1994, Jerusalem) is a young visual artist. She graduated from the Multidisciplinary Art School BFA program at Shenkar College, Ramat Gan.
Tair lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

In her creative process, Tair works through video art, sculpture and drawing.

She sees the mediums as a window into direct intuitive activity which transcends thoughts and language. Her works are produced as a distorted mechanism, rich in imagination, desires and fears, and often combine simple mechanics from day to day into a moment with its own logic.

Her works echo existential experiences between the tragic and the comic, experiences that are broken and defective, monotonous, and yet full of joy.
Tair’s works have been exhibited in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, including in The Israeli Center for Digital Art and The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre.

In 2021, Tair was awarded AICF’s “Sharett” Creative Excellence Grant.

Tair Uria

Visual Arts
Video Art, Sculpture, Drawing & Painting

Grant Recipient