About Tal Almog


2002-2006 – Bachelor degree in Tel Aviv university, Film department Professional


2003-2006 – Work as a freelance – director, photographer. Visual effects artist and video editor on tv shows and commercials

2006-2013 – Owner of a production company that produces commercials, music videos, television documentaries, corporate films and shorts. My clients are several Israeli tv channels, record companies and commercial clients.

In my studio I produce both commercial work for Israeli and international clients and passion projects – shorts and music videos which have been screened in several film festivals. Also, I have also produced numerous non profit commercial for different Voluntary association.

Here are some of my projects (I have directed all of them, shot and edited a few):

2013 – 3 tv adds for a big Israeli political party, made for the 2013 elections. screened on tv and on the web.

2009-2012 – Writing and development of a feature film “Shtiglitz” In cooperation with the prodcer Eitan Even (“The Debt”). The writing has been funded by The Israeli film fund. at the moment the project is in the financing stage.

2012 – “Rebound”. short comedy. Screened in Cannes film festival 2012. The film has also been screened in “Icon” film fest. A california based distribution company named ‘Play Festival Films” has contacted me after screening my film in Cannes and we had signed a distribution contract for the film.

2012 – “The Ride”. 30 min documentary. has played on Israeli tv.

2012 – a corporate film for the international hi tech company “Nice”. the film has been screened in San diego.

2010-2012 – several movies for an international startup named “school tv”. the company is mainly based in new york and Tel Aviv

2012 – an international commercial for “Fixico” (a new app)

2012 – a series of tv spots screened on the Israeli music tv channel

2009-2012 – 15 different music videos I have made have been screened on Israeli tv

2012 – 2 tv shows for “Dog tv”. the shows are screened in california on cable tv.

2011 – A tv spot for supporting animal rights.

2011 – several corporate films for “Deloitte” international

2011 – “the sharon journey” a 30 min documentary. screened on Israeli tv

2010 – 2 commercials for google Israel.

2010 – Opening titles for a well known Israeli tv show

2010 – “The Hermon Buttle”, a 60 min documentary. screened on Israeli tv

2010 – A serious of commercials for a big Israeli bank, screened on Israeli tv

2009 – “Don’t be afraid”. animation, short. participated in MTV “Engine Room” contest

2009 – Evil Bear. Short. Comedy, Short. Screened in Israeli tv and in the Israeli Fantasy film festival. Sold to the Canadian distribution company Quad Media

2009 – 2 international commercials for a hi tech company names “Cellebrite”

2009 – “Good monkey” comedy, short. Had been screened in the Jerusalem international film festival

2009 – “Where Is The Fun” – short. Screened in The ISraeli Super Short film festival, screened several times on the Israeli TV

2008 – “Cut out”, Animation, short. Premiered in Rouen Nordic Film Festival in france, following by a screening in the Jerusalem international film festival

2008 – “Enviroman”, short comedy – Screened In the annual Israeli Sci Fi festival 2007 – “Evil Bear”, Comedy, Short. Screened in Israeli tv and in the Israeli Fantasy film festival

Tal Almog


Tel-Aviv, Israel