About Tal Hiskia

Tal is a euphonium, trombone and a bassoon player. He was born in Netanya, Israel, To Genadi Hiskia and Tamara Hiskia (nee Tzimmerinov), a pianist and a composer. Tal is a 4th generation musician in his family. He studies at the Natanya music school, and plays as a primal euphonium in the orchestra, as a member of a piano trio and a wind quintet. Tal plays classical music from baroque till 21st century, concentrating mainly on modern and romantic repertoire written for cello. He also debuts with new compositions by his mother, Tamara. Tal lately began orchestrating piano works.

Important concerts include a contribution recital concert for a child suffering from epilepsy, A major recital of the 3B, recordings of his mother’s trombone compositions, various conferences, concerts in musical lectures, and many other contribution concerts.

Awards include:

2013: AICF grant
2015: AICF 2 certificates of appreciation
2016: Israel Music Theory Olympics: 2nd award
2017: Natanya Scholarship for Young Musicians 1st award (shared), AICF certificate of appreciations and scholarship

Tal Hiskia

Bassoon, Trombone, Classical

Natanya, Israel
Grant Recipient