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About Tali Tiller

Professional Experience
2008-2012: Founder and Director of “Life Journey on Film” – documentary films production company, Israel.

Art Exhibitions and Publications
2014: Film screening, 5. LGBT Film festival, Poznan, Poland.
Film screening, Entzaubert Film Festival, “Windows Of Pleasure” installation, Berlin.
Group exhibition “For your eyes only”: Women Artists Present Male Models, Gallery 142, Haifa.
Film screening, Vaginale Festival of Short Films, Gallery Futura, Berlin.
Film screening, Art event, Silver future Bar, Berlin.
2013: Curator and Co-Participant, “Queerly Un-framed” LGBT Short Films, Marianne Bar, Berlin.
Co-Participant, Israeli LGBT Short Films Event, Goldapfel Cafe, Berlin.
2012: Group exhibition “Sharing”, Artists’ Hut Gallery, Binyamina (Israel).
2010: Participating Artist, “Be Careful! Art!” Street Art Festival, Haifa.
Film Director, “Our Neve Tzdek” (documentary) screening at the Tel Aviv Museum.
2008: Solo exhibition “Self Observation” Photo Way Gallery, Tel Aviv.
“Top of the World” (video 5:56 min.) in Selected Works, Depth of Field Photography On-Line Magazine.
2008: Group exhibition “Photography in the Community”, Community Centre, Haifa.
Group exhibition “Down Town” The Neri Bloomfield Gallery, Haifa.
2007: Group exhibition – Selected Photography by Students, Tel-Hai Open Museum, (Israel).
Graduate Exhibition at The Neri Bloomfield School of Design and Education, Haifa.

2007 “Savta time” (08:11 min)
“Top of the world” (05:56 min)
2009 “Our Neve Tzdek” (56:00 min)
2012 “Revival” (02:31 min)
“Hunger” (02:58 min)
“Power Game” (01:31 min)
2013 “Making a Salad” (02:44 min)

Tali Tiller

Film, Visual Arts
Directing, Documentary, Digital Art / Multimedia, Photography, Video Art

Berlin, Germany
Grant Recipient