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Tana Azene was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel in 2003. She studied at Emuna College in Jerusalem. In her works Tana uses the public space to which she invades, in the same way that space and government intrude on life. In her works, she involves the viewer and makes it active and undermines the order of existence. Her ambition is to appeal to a diverse audience, to whom the art world is not accessible, and to succeed in bridging gaps and making them present in the space that tries to silence them.


2017: “Cursed on Earth” – graduation exhibition, The New Gallery, Teddy, Jerusalem, Certificate of Excellence. 15 minutes video projection, 4 Florentine, Tel Aviv

2015: Woodcut and 30 min. video work”: Amiya” – dealing with the disintegration of Ethiopian society in meeting with Israeli culture. Museum of Underground Prisoners, Jerusalem
Print works dealing with police violence against Ethiopian immigrants in 2015 after a demonstration. Jerusalem House of Quality gallery Exhibition of Photos from the Mevaseret Zion Absorption Center. Emunah College, Jerusalem

2011: Exhibition of portraits of women in my family, an mixed-media technique, Maale School, Jerusalem.

tana azene

Visual Arts
Digital Art / Multimedia, Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media, Performance Art, Photography, Video Art

Jerusalem, Israel
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