About The Pitches

In the month of July 2017, a pure A Cappella female vocal club “The Pitches” was founded in Holon. Thirteen young ladies, all of whom come from the former Soviet Union, with a musical past and knowledge of singing in a choir, met, got to know each other and formed a cohesive group with common interests, mutual respect and sympathy, and an infectious joy of life.
They have since become true friends – apart from coming to their weekly rehearsals, they go out together, spend time together, go to cultural events together, celebrate birthdays together and enjoy “girl power” – the mythological concept that has become a way of life for them. It seems to be the driving force for them to continue their training despite loads of work/career/education/family/children/home – and the results are not late! Professionals in the field, who have already heard them singing on stage, were impressed and amazed by the connected sound of voices and the emotions conveyed to the audience.

What is the group’s vision, you ask? – To star in world-class stages, to participate and win in international festivals, to be among those appearing in significant events in Israel and abroad… What can simple girls from Holon ask for?

The Pitches were Gold medalist in INTERKULTUR choral competition in Raanana, Israel – February 2020.

The Pitches

Voice, Classical, Rock

Holon, Israel

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