The Shuk


The Shuk

The Shuk
Premier Jewish & Israeli Musical Group

At the heart of The Shuk Music Group lies a commitment to preserving and celebrating Jewish and Israeli musical traditions. Established as an international collective music project, we have become synonymous with joyous live performances that leave a lasting impact.

The Shuk is more than a music group; it's a cultural bridge. We believe in the power of music to foster community, dialogue, continuity, identity, inclusiveness, and pluralism. Our mission is to share the rich tapestry of Jewish and Israeli music, creating connections that transcend borders.

From the pulsating energy of New York City to the cultural landscapes of Israel, our international ensemble features an eclectic and accomplished cast of top Israeli musicians. This geographical diversity allows us to blend traditional and contemporary influences, creating a unique and dynamic musical experience.

Join us on this musical journey, where every note tells a story, and every performance is a celebration of our shared heritage. The Shuk Music Group invites you to experience the magic and connect through the universal language of music.


The Shuk Music Group features an eclectic and accomplished cast of some of the top Israeli musicians based both in New York City and Israel.