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About Tohar Lev Jacobson

Tohar Lev Jacobson (b. 1995), works and lives in Jerusalem. Graduated with honor, of the photography department in the Naggar School of Art in Musrara (2016); Art studies in Triptychon program in the Israel Museum (2009-2012), and curating studies in Hakubia Art School (2014). Jacobson documents and researches the public leisure culture in Israel. His work spreads over various fields, including long-term projects of street photography, video-installation, sound-art, conceptual sculpture and performance.

Jacobson’s experimental documentary film, “Esh Tukad” (a Fire Will Burn), accompanies Saker Garden in Jerusalem during a year. The park is a meeting point for hybrid groups and tendencies, of the ultra-orthodox Jewish society. In the park, enveloped by the smoke of the hookah (narghile) and the charcoal grill (mangal), exists a weave of miniature secular rituals, which bestows a new meaning to the traditional religious conventions. The static photographic language of the film, alongside the soundtrack, sometimes contradicting the visual, indicates the existence of continual time area, which steps out of frame limits.

Selected scholarships:

AICF scholarship for visual arts (2016-2017)

Uri Sabag award for an Outstanding final project (2016)

Rapoport scholarship for academic excellence (2015-2016)

Tohar Lev Jacobson

Film, Visual Arts
Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Curating, Digital Art / Multimedia, Mixed Media, Performance Art, Photography, Video Art

Jerusalem, Israel
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