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    קפה יתרו

    בפרק 6 מצטרפים ל מסובך החברים ההיפסטרים של גבי. את עמינדב כבר פגשתם בפרק 2, ועכשיו תכירו גם את מאשה ואת הסיפור המחריד שלה. 'קפה יתרו' זה קטע מסצנה הכי ארוכה בסדרה, וגם הסצנה הכי ארוכה שרן אי פעם כתב - 9 דקות.יום שני, 22:00, ערוץ 10 Channel10Ran Sarig Mor Chen Tom Antopolsky Niv Majar

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    Born in Israel to Arie and Gurit. Started developing an interest in art from an early age. At the age of 6 studied Modern and Classic dance than at age 8 turn to learn how to play the flute, afterward even saxophone. After exploring both dance and music eras, Decided to go to Theater class as if it’s the best solution to integrate all art forms she admire.

    At the age of 18 graduated from Thelma Yellin art school.

    In the army produced cinema and documentary films surving the IDF Spokesperson. A year later, started working in production industry as a production and content referent in Yes studios and casting assistant and make up artist for different projects.

    In 2013 graduated Yoram Loewenstein Acting Studio.

    Won 9 Awards for monologues and musical numbers (including AICF and Orna Porat theater annual acting competition).

    for the past 8 years teaches Acting, Improvisation, Speaker Training, and Communication Skills Development.

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    השלימו את המשפט: "כל הבית מריח מ...."

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