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About Tomer Damsky

Tomer Damsky is a musician, performer and sound artist ranging from experimental composition to multimedia installations and performances deriving from noise and drone culture. In her works she explores voice, drums, improvisation, electronics and amplified metal sculpture, seeking live and unexpected performative oddities. A graduate of the New Music Department in Musrara School of Arts in Jerusalem, Performance and Movement studies at the School of Visual Theater, and a BA in Art and Theater at the Open University. Winner of the Gross Fund Grant (2011-2013), the Meitar Family scholarship for excellence (2012-2014), the America-Israel Fund Grant in Visual Arts (2015) and Mifal HaPayis grant for Israeli bands touring in Europe (2016). Participant of various stage and musical projects, including Ghom! A Gibberish Cantata, the theatrical Doom-Metal parody PARVE, the musical theater piece The General And The Sea and the Ruth Kanner project Ritza. Damsky creates music and sound installations for cinema, video and stage works. Since 2015 she has been working with international choreographer Yasmeen Godder, creating the music for her works. Damsky Collaborated with musicians and cross-genre artists such as Eran Sachs, Noam Enbar, Yonatan Levi, Yasmeen Godder, Ludo Mich, Noa Dar, James Rashford, Maya Dunietz, Ilan Volkov, Chris Ripken, Meira Asher, Jewlia Eisenberg, Boris Oicherman, Crank Sturgeon, Eric Boros, Jack Faber.

Active in the Improv and DIY scene, Damsky curates and produces sound performances and cross-genre events in both formal and underground frames. She is one of the founders of Studio Straus, co-curator at the Mazkeka, member of the independent JLM based art collective and radio Raash-Hour and co-founder of the independent gallery “2000” opened in the former space of Uganda, JLM. Damsky is conductor of the vocal experimentation class in Musrara Art School, She teaches sound for theater in Emunah College, leads vocal ensembles and gives workshops of hacking, field recording and electronic music.

Performed and exhibited in New York, Moscow, Cologne, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Toulouse, Vienna, Bassano Del Grappa and more, and within Israel in Suzan Dalal, Hateiva, Levontin 7, Hachanut Gallery-Theatre, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Barbur Gallery, The Science Museum, The International Puppet Festival, The Jerusalem Season of Culture – The Frontline Festival & The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival, Tectonics Festival, Beit Mazia Theatre, Uganda, Musrara Mix Festival, Hansen House, InDnegev Festival, Yearot Menashe Festival and more.

Tomer Damsky

Music, Theater, Visual Arts
Drums, Percussion, Voice, Composition, Production, Experimental, Digital Art / Multimedia, Mixed Media, Performance Art, Video Art

jerusalem, Israel